West Creek Littles, Kids, and Students

Our ministry to kids of all ages exists to partner with parents by equipping children to receive the gospel, grow in the gospel, and share the gospel. 

We ask parents of children in West Creek Little and West Creek Kids to accompany their children to the classroom both to check them in, as well as to check them out. 

West Creek Littles (4 months - 4 years old): Takes place starting at 10:30 am on our lower level during our entire worship service. Two background-checked and trained members of our church will be ready to  strive to create a safe, loving environment for the littlest ones among us. We use short lessons from Truth: 78.

West Creek Kids (5 years old - 4th Grade): Takes place on our lower level first at 9:45 am on Sundays, where kids are introduced to the lesson of the day, do a craft or activity, and work on Scripture memorization. Kids then start with their family in the main service and can join West Creek Kids again downstairs during the sermon. Two background-checked and trained members of our church lead kids through The Biggest Story curriculum.

West Creek Students (5th Grade - 8th Grade): Takes place on our lower level Sundays at 9:45 am, as well as get together outside of Sundays to build relationships. Our students will alternate going through the New City Catechism curriculum and Bible study.

All volunteers for our kids ministry are members of the church, are background-checked, and adhere to our child protection policy. 

Community Groups

Through community groups, we aim to produce faithful Christians who grow in Christ-likeness by growing in their ability to understand the Word, apply the Word, pray in response to the Word, and help others with the Word.

Community groups consist of 8-15 people and meet in homes on the first and third Wednesday of the month. We begin by sharing a simple meal together and then spend time in prayer, Bible study, or fun.

We think these types of groups provide a unique avenue for people to form deeper relationships, use their spiritual gifts, and be equipped to give and not just receive.


We encourage each member of a community group to be part of a smaller discipleship group. These consist of 3-4 people of the same gender who gather at least once a month for prayer, study, and accountability. 

Sunday Worship

Scripture tells us that when the early church gathered they devoted themselves to the corporate reading of Scripture, to the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, to the ordinances of baptism and communion, to prayer, and to the preaching of God's Word. Our worship can teach us many things about the Lord and allow us to rest and focus on Jesus, the only One worthy of our worship. We have the opportunity in our corporate worship service to point ourselves and each other to our Creator God through songs that are true and beautiful, uniting our hearts together before the Lord, and going out of this church to be about His work.


What do you believe? Why do you believe it? How is it good news? And how does it affect how you live? 

Foundations aims to answer these questions regarding what the Bible has to say about what we believe and how we are to live. Foundations is a mix of small group interaction and teaching content. We strive to be accessible for those new to the Bible and to engage those who are familiar with the Bible.

Foundations meets at 9:45 am in the auditorium on the upper level of the building.